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 It's a new age of light in formation

 A place for sharing information
  And border-less cooperation
 A time of heart-based motivation
  And power source emancipation


It's nowhere...
our T-time celebration





SHARELITE is a non-prophet organization
where we share light expressions
of life's impressions

The name was partly inspired by the essence of 'shareware'. Namely, you may play with the ideas expressed here for an evaluation period of 30 days after which you are requested to register and pay for the copy of these ideas in your brain...

The truth is, we practice free access and trust goodwill. So, if you experience a positive reaction while surfing through and feel a sudden irresistible urge to share, then by all means let's knot.



The spirit of SHARELITE is best portrayed by the tale of a Father and Son knowmads wandering in the desert from nowhere in sight to knowware insight.

After a long while, the Son breaks the silence and speaks:
"Father, this air we breathe in, where and when did it begin?"
The Father smiles and says:
"Oh, what an insightful question you ask my pure. Well, I don't really know for sure".

Some time later they reach an oasis. The Son looks up to the Father and says:
"Father, this water we swallow, how does it make life grow?"
The Father responds with a pleased smile:
"Oh, what a revealing question you ask my pure. Well, I don't really know for sure".

The 'revealing' Son felt extremely content but the following day he ponders away:
"Father, why does the Sun cross the sky, in a way that marks a day?"
The Father smiles:
"Oh, what an illuminating question you ask my pure. Well, I don't really know for sure".

Finally, as they approach their destination, the Son, seemingly concerned, asks:
"Father, do all these questions I toss, make you cross?"
The Father kneels down and with a loving, compassionate, eye-level look, responds:
"They sure don't my pure. If you won't inquire so, how will you know?"


Please remember that in a way we're like the computers that portray us --
every little bit counts.

If you would like to share your appreciation or simply drop us a line, here's how:





Share with us your thoughts, ideas and comments
and come visit us again soon.

We thank everyone who helped us come to light

including © Constantin Brancusi for the images of his inspirational art.


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