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Cancer Spell

Cells under the influence of the cancer spell are disconnected at the core of their being and are consumed by a prime directive:


With total disregard to the host (i.e. body, environment, eco-system). This occurs because once cells are held hostage by the cancer spell, their core mechanism (the 'feel-processor') is disrupted and they begin to exhibit apathy towards the environment and as the condition progresses they develop an overwhelming anxiety and fear with an underlying submissive victim outlook (of - "I can cer!") and as a consequence, an increasing polarized impulse to control and dominate.

Similarly, our social, economic body is gradually being taken hostage as the global cancer spell spreads.

What's the cure?

In a word, LOVE.

We have declared war and have been trying to battle this disease for quite some time but with insignificant success at best and overall destruction at worst. We must recognize and keep close to our heart that cells (and people alike) under the influence of the cancer spell are actually healthy cells that need to be shaken & awaken from their trance.

The only possible remedy is a hug of love that will 'spell-it-out' for them.

Fighting, as always, is futile. Moreover, we must realize that due to the nature of this condition, the control centers are primarily under the influence of the spell since it has driven the spell-bound to seek positions of power and dominance.

The healthy community must unite its physical, mental and emotional intentions in order to produce a vibrant and coherent love potion - it is the only way to avoid being consumed by the spell and the only true remedy for awakening the sleepy spell-bound.

Love potion (slumber neine)!

Our physical health depends upon eating fewer ingredients and more nutrients; our mental health demands thinking less about money and more focus on harmony; and our emotional health yearns for less neurosis and a shift to symbiosis.

In a nutshell, we must ensure that 'all we feed is love'.

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