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Mind Your Own Business

Thank you for taking care of me. Your ability to orchestrate all my internal bodily functions is nothing short of miraculous. I love you and trust you so much that I would like to extend your responsibility to my entire external physical existence. This includes all time-space related thoughts, emotions and activities. You will function as my personal secretary and manage all my affairs without the need to consult me. You will manage my schedule and public appearances and any other activities that require my physical presence.

However, you will not re-mind me of any matter - keep in mind that I trust you. Yours is a vitally important function that is to be performed in the background. Just as you over-see the beating of my heart, the pumping of my blood and the circulation of air in my body without constantly involving me; similarly, you will refrain from repeatedly re-minding me what needs to be done or disturb my peace with idle worries regarding the future.
Center-stage is where our consciousness entertains us - that's its role!


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