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Communication is the blood that flows in the veins of every society. It is a medium for sharing information, synchronizing cooperation, and promoting the common pursuit of love and happiness. Communication is designed to bring us together and facilitate our self-expression within our group. When applied in harmony with its design it produces connection, creativity and love. When applied in discord with its design it spreads confusion, numbness and fear.



Commercialism has redefined the purpose of Communication. A creative arsenal of new Communication standards and techniques has been devised in order to beat our brains with the promise of enlightenment through Consumerism.

Indeed, Commercialism has captured our attention everywhere we turn -- landscape, buildings, clothes, television and of course, schools. It's amusing how the best mass Communication system we've been able to construct devours one-third of our time in order to sustain itself -- and we willingly accept. This new form of mist-Communication, applied by Commercialism, has been so successful at scrambling our brains that it has carved a hole in our social ozone layer.

Often we hear debates about responsible programming on television but rarely any mention of responsible Commercialism. Unfortunately, we don't seem to challenge the time, place, quantity and quality of the commercials we are willing to put up with. So, while we continue to demand more responsible programming, our children often seem like zombies overdosed on Commercialism. Alas, we live in very toxic times.

Our civilization toiled relentlessly to abolish child labor. Yet, we have allowed its resurgence for the sake of Commercialism and the empty promises of fame and fortune. Our children are increasingly being used in the service of Commercialism, to portray the perfect, believable image and as such, are actively participating in the contamination of our mass Communication system. How easily we have redefined the meaning and purpose of child labor protection.


Some fill their life with stuff that they hoard
Some will buy things they cannot afford

Some will take what they can with a sword
Son, just bless every moment you're bored


Experience shows us no correlation whatsoever between wealth and happiness. Yet as a society we continue to define success in monetary terms. Are we not slightly mixed-up? Well, we definitely seem sedated. We live under the influence of drugs distributed through an onslaught of commercials that entice us into a distorted greed-driven worldview. Commercialism -- opium for the masses!


When we are driven by greed
   We lose sight of what we need

When heart-laced motives take lead
   We gain faith -- with which we're freed


Ironically, we have been kept occupied with the drug war while receiving a constant infusion of Commercialism -- the very drug that shatters the constitution of our society. Our atmosphere has been contaminated and replaced with the utmost-fear. We need to act swiftly, in order to kick this habit and contain this virus.


Commercialism is toxic for us
   Scrambling our rhythm and basic chorus.

Say, bye buy, you two-time con virus
   And let's flow by true prime consensus.


Commercialism must be restricted within the boundaries of sharing truthful information and synchronizing cooperation -- the promises of happiness and positive change should be out of range of those seeking primarily our spare change.


Some choose to lead by the spear
Some use greed to buy and steer

Some feed us cures for our fear
Some need to cover their rear

Some trade stocks and shares all year
Some take walks and stare off the pier

Son, things are not as they appear
Come sing and knot to unwrap dear.


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