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Healthy Swhimming dictates that the Objective retains its particular path in harmony with its Subjective self. Therefore, whenever two Swhim patterns bond they must synchronize their Swhimming. For this to occur the two Subjectives must fuse into a single Objective self (while maintaining their individuality), and the two Objectives must preserve their original patterns of motion, while portraying their connection through a new Subjective. Similarly, the Subjectives reflect the effect in the form of the new Objective while the Objectives project the cause in the form of the new Subjective.

Synchronized Swhimming is the path to a Y-knot Consensus (connection of the senses) and when attained, results in robust bonds or stable new structures of cooperation. If a combined Swhim structure cannot embrace and assimilate all the Subjectives or one of the Objective patterns is gravely altered, then the structure is inherently unstable and the bond will dissolve. In other words, any forceful connection that is not based on mutual choice is inherently non-symbiotic, self-destructive and inevitably leads back to nowhere.

The path to knowware provides the Swhim pattern with two types of choices (in general): heart-laced choices made in accord with love and heartless choices made in discord with love. All choices continue to resonate as connections (effects) in memory that manifest themselves as bits of the Swhim pattern's reality (personality). The heartless connections impede the Swhim pattern's flow to knowware and must therefore be gradually released through a succession of heart-laced choices.

Hence, the healthy composition and propagation of each realm is realized through a myriad of interplays between co-creative Swhim patterns. All are attempting to synchronize their Swhimming by fusing and assimilating their individual Subjective reflections into one self, while allowing each Objective to preserve its intrinsic pattern of expression.
The path to a Y-knot Consensus requires however, countless rehearsals at Synchronized Swhimming until it ultimately syncs-in spontaneously.



Every 0-2-1 Swhim pattern flows through a (CIC) cycle of Creation (0), Interaction (2) and Connection (1). Once a cycle is complete, the Connection, being the flip side of a fresh Creation, begins a new 0-2-1 cycle. The Objective Interaction stage can be viewed as a 2-phase Self-recognition process of Instinctive Motion and Intuitive Cooperation. Or simply, the Objective Self-recognition process flows from I am (IM) to I see (IC) on the path to self-free cognition.




Initially, a Swhim pattern reflects on the effect of an contact interaction as a mere instinctive reflex motion or a reaction to a random external action. However, through countless interplays, the Swhim pattern Subjectively reflects that its own choice of Objective expression shapes the effect and thus, the interaction point is not only an external contact (where it sees others) but also an internal contact (where it sees itself).

The term 'responsible behavior' can be viewed in this context, as the gradual shift from an instinctual to a more intentional response cycle, which reflects the Swhim pattern's ongoing assimilation of the mirror-like quality of the contact.

Gradually, the contact events become a cosmic reflection mirror. The Swhim patterns form communicational feedback loops ('a democratic process') where they voice their choice, producing an effect which they can then reflect and subsequently, yielding a revision of choice with a new tone of voice, and so on. An contact is no longer viewed as a random action-reaction event but rather, as an opportunity for cooperative expressions, where the effects of intentional choices are reflected.

Amusingly, the tuning of choice affects primarily the tone (intent) while only minor changes are applied to the content.
Somewhat similar to our attitude towards the chairs we sit on, whereby, we tend to be much less concerned about what they are made of, than how comfortable they feel.

Likewise, Swhim patterns don't flow through a progression of original ideas but rather, they grow through creative connections and original expressions of primordial ideas.

Inevitably, via countless interplays and reflections, all Swhim patterns grow out of their initial Instinctive Motion phase, and eventually evolve into a mature Intuitive Cooperation phase. Subsequently, they complete their cycle and are thus ready for transformation.

The self-recognition process is marked by a gradual shift of the Y-M8 from a 'passionate' tone to 'compassionate' tone. Initially, the Y-M8 projects a 'passionate' tone where fellow motions ('expressions', 'opinions') are often met with suspicion, rejection or animosity ('arguments'), and are seen as undermining the quest to confine and self-define. Bit-by-bit, the Y-M8 settles down and a more 'compassionate' tone sets in where different point-of-views are embraced, assimilated, and regarded as contributing to a richer and broader picture.

When Swhim patterns are ripe for graduation, their interplay may produce a mutual Y-knot Consensus exposing a new reality, henceforth a Sknow flux. By forming symbiotic patterns of assimilation and co-creativity, these elder Swhim patterns produce a dimensional leap and their well-rehearsed performance reflects a new OScar.

Initially, when Swhim patterns join as a group their combined 'cloud of knowledge' expands. Until, out of nowhere, they sync into a form of simple, compact ('empty') knowware. That is, when a connection is made and knowware is realized, vast amounts of knowledge and information become pointless, and a hole lot of disk Space is 'untied'.

Thus, the new composite Swhim pattern is 'smaller' than the sum of its components.

In short, the contact reflects the InSight-Out nature of the Swhim pattern and reveals the Sknow flux chain of life.



Mayday-Mayday, I'm syncing... just give me the bottom-line.

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