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Dinosaurs have always captivated our global imagination. Those giant creatures that roamed and ruled our earth for millions of years, only to become extinct overnight. What went wrong? Were they stoned by the heavens (a meteor) or were they driven to starvation by mother earth (global warming or cooling). Which specific catastrophes made them vanish, we may never know.

Being faithful believers in the forces of love as underlying every aspect of nature, we will assume that poetic justice led the dinosaurs to their own self-demise. These living-beings were apparently so successful and dominant in their day that they must have multiplied and filled our planet. However, in their conquest they had to devour disproportionate amounts of resources, leaving behind them barren land where forests once stood, and eliminating countless species of life from the face of the earth. Eventually, they became a malignant cancer, with a voracious appetite for more and a total disregard for their environment.

Consequently, Gaia went back to the drawing board, and in a collaborative work of nature, erased these XXL mutations and created a new compact model organism that would inherit the land -- Man.

Well, we may be smaller but we're a whole lot faster. A process that may have taken over one hundred and fifty million years for the dinosaurs, we are about to complete in an impressive world record. Already early on in childhood we exhibited signs of major unconcern towards our surroundings, and until quite recently we still believed wholeheartedly that the entire universe revolves around us. However, in the last few decades we have made huge strides and consequently, developed our full scale devastating global appetite.

Through some bizarre twist of fate, we have recreated the past. We have constructed dinosaur-corporations, relinquished our basic democratic rights and handed them absolute power to devour. These man-made creatures have been given a license to roam this planet recklessly and consume everything in their path with little concern to Gaia or any of her inhabitants.

We Must Cease the Power to Spoil
        And Our Lust to Gain Oil.
        and Just Remain Loyal
To the Seas, the Flower and Soil.

Domination leads to annihilation; cooperation is the way of evolution. Life in its entirety is interconnected in a multifaceted, multi-layered network. The network resembles the web and has no hierarchy. Each connection on the network, which in itself is a multi-layered network, represents an individual or a small group. All elements of the network are equal, autonomous, well defined, and passionate about expressing their talent and uniqueness within the whole. Life evolves and flourishes from the love generated by cooperation of equals engaged in their freedom of expression.

We must apply nature's model and dismantle our dinosaur-corporations without delay. We must eradicate the current system of greed and consumerism, and create new forms of networked organizations that represent individuals or small companies devoted to life.

Gaia is back at the drawing board, with a pencil at hand, scratching her head with the eraser-tip. Let's show HER we care, before it's too late, or we'll all share the fate of the HUMAN ERASE (maybe just an e-RACE, if we're lucky)…







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