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The , being the foundation of our Knowware Playground, exposes its youthful Wi (what-if) nature by exercising choice & effect interplays (while chewing the forbidden fruit and brewing the primordial soup).

A few basic elements are constructed for this act-attract-store-explore motion picture. The Knowware Playground projects a learning environment of Swhim M8 interplays in Space & Time. Let's explore these ingredients.

Initially, the muses a void of nothing all around, bubbling with potential choices, and names it a Special Place (or simply Space, for short). Next, the muses an expanding (p)lace for tying together the effects of choices made, and names it a Tie Me (or Time, for short).

The concept of Space represents nothing, emptiness, the unknown, creation. Any attempt to ascribe to Space attributes such as shape and size are meaningless. Space might best be visualized as the empty, vital canvas of Time.
The concept of Time represents something, an expression, a signal, a sequence of events, a connection, order. Our entire physical realm is a composition of expressions in Time. Time can be visualized as a series of dots that occasionally (when connected in a certain way) produce a clear picture. The sky at night is an open book of countless lights portraying the expanding memory of our cosmic history.

The expansion of the universe can be viewed as extra 'disk' Space created for storing new connections in Time.

Hence, a Swhimming-pool of Space is envisioned as the medium for creations of choice while a Sync-tank of Time is constructed as the mechanism for connecting effects. Or simply,

Space is the face of the naught where I am not
While, Time is the chime of the spot where I knot.

The game of choice & effect naturally requires playmates. Interplays fuel the Swhim M8 feedback loop and allow the Swhim patterns to flourish and co-create a Y-realm.

Interplays occur along our Space-Time horizon where sporadically something appears out of nothing and reveals our present.

Interplays (interactions, events, experiences, viewpoints, observations and/or measurements -- your choice) by definition, require a something besides us, out-there-somewhere, and inevitably separate us from the outside world. Once there are at least two of us -- and since we're all choice enabled -- a world of unpredictable events unfolds around us in Space. In fact, every random, unpredictable event we sense is inevitably an expression (an Action) of (someone's) choice.
Events produce relationships, which lead to stable connections, that form the pillars of a predictable Time-knot. In fact, every predictable event is an expression of a stable bond, which we may opt to use collectively as a Time measuring device.

The heavenly objects do not initiate nor perform patterns of motion in space but rather it's the undercurrents of the celestial oceans that carry them along. Likewise, it's not the objects themselves that possess an innate spin but rather it's the interplay of M8'ing currents forming stable whirlpools of (under)standing waves which animate and objectify them.
Swhim patterns don't row, they simply go with the flow - and thus they offer us a glimpse into the inner whirled of the void.

Such is the Swhim M8 feedback loop-pool which plays a fundamental role in the school of Swhim patterns.



Here are a few basic conventions to knot mentioned above.
Every Swhim pattern is driven by an Objective-Subjective duo, henceforth, an OScar (pronounced as 'Oscar').

Alternatively, every Swhim pattern exhibits an Object-Force course of action (and reaction), naturally referred to henceforth, as OF-course.

When two Swhim patterns interplay, they expose their OScar while forming a viewpoint, henceforth, an contact, or, an Xsite.

* The Xsite may also be referred to as a para-site, when the connection is disharmonious or when the observer is unaware of its symbiotic nature.




The Swhim pattern begins in a transient Y-not state of incubation, as a zero-shaped, pointless creature formed by an underlying tension of opposing potential concepts.
Or, phrased with a poetic twist:

Within the bright grand skies of bliss
A slight land lies on the verge of abyss.

Once the Y-not reaches a critical must, it splits into two separate naught-forms spinning in opposite directions, forming a core which emanates two pairs of a subjective inward Motion and an objective outward Reflex. Thus, out of nowhere, a full-fledged potential emerges in the form of a size-less gyrating string -- a 1st stage Y-M8 Swhim pattern is born, fitted with a Reflex-Motion OF-course, and all set to interact and play.


the Subjective Swhimming-pool




















the Objective Sync-tank



The Swhim pattern surfs choices in time using emotion & intellect to attract & explore, while propagating effects in space using expression & memory to act & store.

Such is the schmooze & muse nature of a Swhim pattern.

A healthy, well-balanced Swhim pattern exercises Shhh...Musing with an awhereness that for each interplay:
it's not so much the actual content of expression,
as the intent that marks the emotional impression;   and,
while every fact of the matter is mnemonically stored,
it's the heart of the matter that is mentally explored.

Consequently, a 0-2-1 Swhim pattern sets out of nowhere, on an awhereness path to knowware, gyrating in the Swhimming-pool of Space and forming reflexions in the Sync-tank of Time.

The inevitability that for Time to arise from the void, two events are required might help to explain why the smallest unit of Time is the second (rather than first), as well as, why the book of Genesis begins with the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet.



Let me out of this feedback pool-loop & just give me the bottom-line.

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