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Love, being the essence of Life, innately drives all of us (humans, cosmic dust and galaxies alike), to seek symbiotic relationships for mating. Harmonious mating occurs when all participants are embraced for the self-expression of their natural passions. True love, therefore, requires us to seek our natural intuitive passions. The process of self-recognition (self-definition) helps us reveal these hidden passions by experimenting with the choice & effect feedback loop, and gradually tuning our self-expression. And, once self-expression flows consistently and co-creatively among a group of individuals -- a stable bond is established, a new entity is formed, and a burst of love (energy) is released and spread freely to the environment.

So, true love inherently propagates by creating new forms of being!


As individuals and as a group (society as a whole), our principal challenge is to unveil and discover our inborn special gifts and passions. Once recognized, we must find or seek to define the best suited channels for expressing them. The self-expression of our special gifts is the water that makes us blossom and grow.

All individuals (including me and the atom next door) intrinsically yearn to love and be loved. Love, fatefully, is predominantly accomplished by co-creative relationships based on cooperative complementary interactions. Complementary interactions are enhanced when a sense of adequacy, self-worth and self-love are present in the individual. Self-love is promoted by self-recognition. Self-recognition is realized when our special gifts (passions) are revealed and channeled into complementary interactions.
And, bingo, we have love (or, as the French might say, voi'love).

When a critical mass of individuals in a group unveil their unique gifts and find their niche of love, that group is then able to function cohesively and is elevated to become one -- a new entity, a new organism, a new individual.

As (new) individuals…    (recycle the self-recognition process)



Life continually reinvents itself through innovative channels that encourage the assimilation of the individual's self-expression into the whole. It is, therefore, our prime responsibility to recognize special dominant attributes we exhibit or dormant passions we conceal, and to formulate, whenever necessary, resourceful channels for such characteristics to blossom and radiate.

We need to mimic life and develop a similar GIFT LIFT model within society whereby we establish self-recognition inn-sites, unwrap-my-gift playshops, and express sync-tanks. The GIFT LIFT program will offer us guidance in revealing our natural gifts and a helping hand in channeling them creatively. In short, the GIFT LIFT motto will be -- sync positive.


Some wear the wrong size shoes
Some find comfort in blues

Some don't know how to lose
Some just ignore their dues

Some seek definite clues
Some play sticks with their pooh's

Son, they all came in twos
In sum, we all get to choose.


Our special gift is actually what we are made of -- it's the unique flavor of the collective love embodied in the entities that form each one of us.


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