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In the process of self-definition and self-recognition, humanity must select appropriate metaphors for its self-reflection, natural progression and well-being. So, let's ask ourselves: what sounds more intuitively natural to us, Wall Street or the Playground? Most of the people on this planet have probably never heard of Wall Street. As for most of the rest of us, it sounds like the ultimate virtual reality game. Yet, in a bizarre twist of fate it has become the reigning metaphor of our times. By contrast, all of us know the Playground and its key role in our natural progression through childhood. But as adults we are driven out of the Playground and into the Wall Street.

In the Wall Street adults meet indoors, decide what they would like to consume, assume their frantic roles and engage in battle. The battle is elevated solely by the level of profit. It is driven by greed and designed exclusively for producing more money for the very wealthy.

In the Playground children meet outdoors, decide what they would like to play, select their natural roles and engage in a team game. The game is elevated by the level of cooperation within the same team and by equal competition from the rival team. The game is driven by love and designed exclusively for the exploration of fun by all participants.

At least, the two metaphors have one thing in common -- they are both based on us getting our share!


We must adjust our metaphor
   Of power, gold and lust for more

Trust the natural golden path
   Cast of much more soul than math


According to the traditional mechanistic view, life evolves through random mutations and is constantly engaged in the struggle of the fittest. Likewise, reproduction is merely viewed as facilitating the survival of the species. This worldview portrays life as a soulless machine that began operating billions of years ago and is going nowhere in particular until it winds down. Oh, and let's not forget, struggling whenever possible… in the name of its species.
Does any of this seem intuitively plausible?

According to the emerging view, life evolves through intentional symbiosis and is innately engaged in the exploration of new reciprocal connections. Likewise, reproduction offers an opportunity for the ultimate expression of love -- the co-creation of life! This worldview perceives life as an organism that is playfully cooperating, making innovative connections, and forming new mutual relationships, driven by the soul purpose of love. Or simply, LIFE IS A PLAYGROUND.

(If the 'struggling machine' worldview still seems more intuitively plausible to you, then breathe deep, take a break, have a good night sleep and then awake).

Is it coincidental that the most popular form of entertainment, across all nations, genders and age groups, is team sports? Team sports perhaps provide the best lens through which we like to view life. A group of individuals playfully cooperating and improvising in a dance of competitive fun. Success is measured by the individuals' abilities to express their talents within the framework of the team. Experiencing the harmony brought to bear by a group of individuals playing and improvising cohesively is sheer fun.

Naturally, the same is true of music and theater. In fact, when we examine professions more closely, we find an amusing pattern. People who play for a living appear to have a more desirable profession. Perhaps, we ought to replace the word 'work', which represents the application of force, with 'play', which embodies a flow of free will in cooperation. Similarly, the phrase 'line of work' might be revised to 'channel of expression', as we make our transformation to a new global psyche.

It's time to adopt a new metaphor for humanity and reclaim our lives.

Life is a Playground for us souls.


Some don't like to wait
   And can never be found

Some don't bother to weigh
   Or keep their feet on the ground

Some don't know their weight
   They just know it's round

Seek the Intuitive Way
   And may Life be a Playground.


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