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Children have an inborn gift for shedding light on the meaning and purpose of our lives. This natural capacity of theirs, has certainly given my pursuit of simplicity (and happiness), fresh new perspectives. One such perspective has served my purpose to contract life into minimal yet meaningful guidelines that are plain and clear to all -- adults and children, alike. The simple guidelines below represent just that -- they are intended to denote positive personnel choices and promote constructive behavior.

Here then is my attempt at encapsulating life in a palatable byte-size format and thus, hopefully, making a small contribution to the current transition of our global psyche (and shedding some water on our noble Y-tree).


the Way
the Approach
the Rule


LOVE  <<  Y  >>  LIFE


Am I? The essence of LIFE is LOVE.  We need it, we want it, and it's vital for our health.  The intrinsic purpose of everything we see around us, is none other than the exploration of LOVE -- atoms drawn to create molecules, stars and planets radiating gravity to create solar systems, and indeed, evolution of life itself, creating ever more diverse interconnected systems.

Life revolves in the dance of chance
And evolves by the balance of romance.

All forms of life continually surf the web of potentiality, innately connecting and inventing cooperative structures, for one essential purpose — to explore and experience love in new co-creative ways.

I Think Sync Therefore I Am.

The problem with LOVE is that it can be elusive and abstract. Where and how do we seek it? The quest for love requires an additional type of lens.

Why do I write?
   What if I'm wrong?
Why fly a kite?
   What's in a song?

When love is so bright
   We seam to belong
When life is now right
   Don't worry how long.


INTUITION  <<  the Way  >>  HUMOR


Intuition is our inner voice and its expression is a light humorous tone and a childlike playful disposition. Intuition must play a leading role in tuning our voice and shaping our actions because the Way to Love is paved with Intuition.
Intuition, commonly referred to as 'gut feeling', is the preferred mechanism for decision-making and choice selection. Logic (or serial information processing), which is often substituted for this task, should be used sparingly in a supporting role for the implementation of our intuitive, heart-based choices.

It's not what we think
It's the knot when we sync.

We need to trust our intuition and let it guide us along the path that feels natural, and fills us with passion and fun. After all, that's what every atom is doing! Fun is an easier, more tangible goal than love ('have fun' translates, in one ancient language, to 'make life'). Most important choices should be made with the intuitive fun factor weighing the most. Why? Because the more we make choices that help us reveal the gift within us, express our passions, and experience sheer fun -- the more we are likely to experience LOVE and thereby enhance our contribution to society and the universe(s) at large.

Simply put, it's best (for everyone's sake) if we all have fun. So, please let's not argue.

The Way of Intuition is expressed by Humor.

Some kneel down to pray
   Some have a lot to say
Some sway between go or stay
   Son, let your gut show you the way.

Some choose to run
   Some snooze in the sun
But the way to live, son
   Is, play intuitive fun.


FAITH  <<  the Approach  >>  OPTIMISM


There are times on the Way when love, passion and fun evade us (we wait but nothing comes our way) -- doubt, fear or even anger may creep into our heart -- that's when Faith comes in to play. Thus, a healthy Approach for our journey of intuitive choices is to seek Faith, find patience and express Optimism.

When in doubt -- consult your gut (literally).

We must be faithful to our true intuition and be wary of 'impostors'. Actions and interactions made in discord with intuition, lead to emptiness and energy depletion, while those made in tune with intuition produce vitality and blissful faith. And, Faith draws in our choices.

Faith portrays fate's face.

An important aspect of Faith is our gradual re-cognition that we are all perfectly designed and uniquely packaged to meet our true individual goals. Likewise, all our experiences -- sweet and low, with friend or foe -- present a constant flow of opportunities for us to grow.

A real life illustration may provide some insight.
We are
driving along peacefully; we are one with the universe; when, out of nowhere, a local representative of death cuts into our lane and almost takes our breath away. While our vital inner organs scramble to reorganize, we experience a drastic drop of faith in the human race. Our first impulse is possibly, to race-and-erase but then, time comes to our rescue and separates us from the event -- gradually, rage goes back in the cage and we return to our shhh musing page.
We marvel that such raw stupidity could survive and develop into a fool-grown primate. Certainly the workings of miraculous fate. Then it dawns on us -- even unrestrained idiocy cannot terminate itself before fulfilling its purpose. Oddly, we draw an element of comfort from this, and thank life for revealing one more aspect of faith and optimism. Back on the road, we smile blissfully: life has such absurdly wander-full gifts.

We are part of a loving, providing and compassionate universe -- if that alone does not require a good dose of faith, than you are way ahead of most of us.

The Approach of Faith is expressed by Optimism.

Trusting that our fate is just
   Teaches us to wait, if we must.
Having faith that life provides
   Gives us patience in our strides.
The gentle strokes of a feather
   Settle us folks, to rush no further.

Some project tough pride
   Some collect stuff to hide
Some elect to bluff on the side
   Come reflect and let LOFE provide.

Some play and get their pick
   Some find their way with a stick
Some pay an optical-mystic
   Son, try to stay optimistic.


(LOFE is the encapsulated form of LOVE-LIFE
and is pronounced as 'laugh')


EQUALITY  <<  the Rule  >>  HUMILITY


And, when chance meetings do come our way, we must apply the Rule of contact by relating with Equality and expressing Humility.
Interactions based on Equality reflect the best quality.

Once we acknowledge that life, in its entirety, is interconnected -- it becomes clear that there are no real boundaries between each of us in here and the universe out there. Every action becomes an interaction. Every outward action is also an inward action. Hence we ought to extend love equally towards ourselves and our surrounding (towards all life).
We need to assimilate the rule that life is a reflection tool.

While a broad interpretation of the Equality & Humility Rule might encourage some to Love Our Neighbors As We Love Ourselves -- all that's expected of us mortals, when applied to our simple everyday life, is:
don't do to others what you don't want done to you!
Could it be any simpler? Whenever we interact, with people or nature, we must reflect, If the roles were reversed, how would we feel? And then, let our gut react.

Just before we act
   We must mirror the fact.

I believe this behavior alone, if applied globally, would instantly bring harmony and world peace. But maybe I am a little na´ve.

The Rule of Equality is expressed by Humility.

Some fellow may wish you well
   Some follow a ritual
Some are so intellectual
   Son, be small, go act mutual.

Some claim that they know
   Some take blame for being slow
Some follow their ego
   Come flow equal and grow.




There seems to be a general consensus (including among major belief systems) that these core elements are essential for sustaining our health, happiness and growth (or simply, for delivering the goods):

We're here because Love chose to expose Life
               Love Life
Our way to Love grows from the intuitive heart
               enjoy and celebrate Life
Our approach on the way flows with inner faith
               be patient and positive
Our rule of approach knows intrinsic equality
               relate modestly and tolerantly
That's how Life goes to show Love
So, just LOFE

An alternative version:

Life is the vessel -- Love is the goal
      The body is the vessel of our soul
            Let the soul reveal our natural role

The soul's instrument is our intuitive core
      Let intuition and humor steer us ashore
And when the going gets tough and the sea plays rough
      Let faith inspire us to laugh and see the full half
In relation with mates or fish in the ocean
      Let equality dictate our every motion

And a short version:

Life is simply Love's mark
Intuition guides us through the park
Faith lights the way when it's dark
And, Equality gives meetings a spark

That's basically it. The rest is up to us -- to practice our freedom to choose & reflect, and our desire to create & connect. And from time to time, when we engage in what comes natural to us, when work feels like play, when now seems perfect and time disappears -- then we unwrap the Love of our gift and give the whole universe a lift.

So, let's rap it up:

The meaning is L.I.F.E.
Love, Intuition, Faith and Equality reflect our simple Reality.

Life is expressed through H2O.
Humor, Optimism and Humility produce the Water for our soul.















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