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Science and Religion have preached the 'separateness' viewpoint by depicting reality through such concepts as object & force, good & evil, struggle for survival, and heaven & hell. Their teaching has exposed an incomprehensible reality that has left us confused about which fruit to choose while searching for clues to the Wi's cracks of the .

It's time to wake-up to the simple creativity patterns of connections underlying our convoluted objective reality. It's time to transcend our 'separateness' viewpoint, settle our differences and simplify reality.
It's time for ConScience  (in parts, the connection of the sciences and as a whole, the essence of religions).
It's T-time!

We are living in the midst of the Quantum assimilation era. The Qwant-to Qwake AfterMath is shaping our world. These are times of transition of the global psyche and an expansion of our noble Y-tree. We are enhancing the rigid logical analysis of why events occur by embracing an intuitive process where we explore correlating patterns that reveal connections. Thus, we discover that reality unfolds in patterns of Co-incident. Indeed, the interconnected aspect of life that's unfolding is a phenomenally promising sign in light of our seemingly disconnected reality.

The Human Race
   Is Not A Name
      Of A Competition
         Oh, Not At All

It's Our Y-air Lace
   Knot Game
      Of Intuition
         So, Let's Have A Ball

(PLAYTWO, 44 A.B.)

The Path of Humility (or, The Principle of Mediocrity) when applied broadly implies that if we are intelligent beings capable of self-reflection, then everything, from a single photon, to a star, to the entire universe must be such. Indeed, the journey of science has taken us from a central position in a universe that revolves around us, to an average planet revolving around a medium-sized star on the outskirts of a plain galaxy. Despite this humbling realization we have continued to cling on with persistence to our unique intelligent capacity to self-reflect and self-express.
Although more than a century has elapsed since the expansion of the Mechanistic interpretation, science still maintains that a huge explosion in the distant past created an infinite amount of minute particles -- dumb stuff. This dumb stuff, through raw chance, coupled with built-in forces (that occasionally exhibit mathematical predictability) has performed random interactions, and has progressively produced galaxies, stars, planets, rocks, water, dolphins and everything else; and through it all has inadvertently constructed one intelligent life form -- us. Thus, we maintain our 'modest' position in the center of the universe. Perhaps we ought to express a little more humility in a re-vision of the prevailing notion of dumb, which is -- anything or anybody who doesn't understand our language.
It's also amusing to observe how cynical we are at ascribing intelligence to anything, especially minuscule subatomic particles, yet we readily accept that two practically invisible cells connect, to produce an intelligent human being. Bluntly, all the knowledge required to form each one of us intelligent folks, is invisible (knowware). Apparently, when it comes to intelligence --size doesn't count after all (it's the naught that counts).

Science has progressively provided us with exceptional tools for measuring and predicting the motion of huge dumb cosmic bodies, and the group behavior of tiny dumb subatomic particles. However, the questions of what drives dumb objects to interact and create elaborate compositions, and at what point these dumb compositions acquire intelligent characteristics, have not been fully explored.
Clearly, a touch of humility might help us recognize that the primordial soup was not a brew of mechanical dumb particles mixed with chance but rather, a preview of magical smarticles (smart particles) fixed with choice.

It's not what makes particles tick
It's what makes smarticles stick.

Science has shown that predictions concerning individual particles are meaningless, implying that each particle is unique. But science seems hesitant to embrace the emerging possibility that individual smarticles are unpredictable in their behavior since they exhibit free will.
Science has also discovered that certain smarticle pairs seem to 'stay in touch' even when separated by vast space. Thus, exposing the universal fabric, as a grand network of choice-enabled smarticles, each with their unique spin on life, and all sharing knowware instantaneously everywhere across the galactic plains.

So, let us propose
     that life is composed
Of things that transpose
     yet lie unexposed
And seek to repose
     the way they're supposed

The time has come for us to take the gallant leap of humility and acknowledge that everything -- including the gas in the air we breathe, the elements in the water we drink and the minerals in the food we eat -- must be intelligent stuff, participating in a continuous process of self-reflection and self-expression. The rule of thumb is -- we're all equally dumb. We needn't be overly concerned with what is smart? or who is smarter?  We simply need to recognize that everything is innately engaged in a choice & reflect self-awhereness process that ultimately leads to knowware.

Thus, where science has expanded our view through observation and measurement; the new ConScience will seek the expansion of our understanding through interaction and connection. Indeed, evolution itself is a constant flow of new connections sparked by creative expressions and innovative language. Evolution traces the journey of our cosmic conscience. It's time to abandon the random mutation prism and our arrogant view from above. It's time to join life and participate in the celebration of intentional symbiosis for love.

When we stand in a forest, we see many separate trees all around, reaching out with their unique individual expressions. However, if we dig-in and reflect the hidden aspects of the forest, we discover that beyond the scope of our senses (just under our nose - below the surface) a whole different realm thrives. The well-ordered forest of separate trees transforms into one cohesive interlaced mass storage structure (a chaotic worm-wild-web) that lacks any clear boundaries. Hence, what seemed to be disconnected separateness, after further reflection, appears to be connected oneness. Whether a forest is a collection of separate trees reaching out or whether a forest is a single coiled-up organism, depends entirely on our point of view. Apparently, our own limitations produce optical illusions that obscure the path of non-sense to knowware.

When we look up at the night sky, we can picture the star systems as hectic metropolitan areas, surrounded by calmer suburban areas, while further still are remote areas of scattered activity. However, more than anything, we can view the vast empty areas (of 'nothing'), in between, as the celestial oceans of Space-Time, bubbling with Swhimware activity. Like the trees in a forest, just under the surface and beyond the scope of our senses, all are interconnecting the Y-air lace web of love (the realm of non-sense) to breathe life into our cosmic ecosystem.

We need to explore, assimilate and apply the transcendent oneness throughout our life, family, community, world and beyond. Our 'separate objects' realm (where everything is relative) is being transformed into an intricately connected realm of exotic patterns (where it would seem we're all relatives). This process will reveal a fine tapestry of utterly absurd correlations between apparently unrelated aspects of our lives and in-so-doing, lift our spirits.

The universe is not just a mechanism that operates
It's the unique verse of an organism that cooperates.



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