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Imagine a ten-year-old boy, sitting at his desk in a classroom. We'll call him Swhim (pronounced as 'swim'). The teacher places a quiz, upside down, in front of each student, and Swhim prepares paper and pencil.

Then, the teacher faces the class: "You may turn over the questions and begin. Good luck".

Swhim's pencil is sharpened at hand. He gazes at the questions and the empty white page in front of him for an eternity. Suddenly, all the answers crystallize instantaneously in his head, as he drifts off into a quantum state. He barely manages to scribble the answers onto the page before his pencil begins falling upwards. He holds on to the pencil as it pulls him gently, out of his body and straight up through the ceiling.

Swhim scratches his head: That's odd.
But a calming voice inside him reacts: Hey, stuff happens.

The pencil takes him on a journey above the school, out of the atmosphere and way beyond description. Onward he passes the planets of our solar system one-by-one simultaneously and after a few quick galactic excursions he leaves the Milky Way.
It's just an incredible motion picture show with infinite spacial effects.
Suddenly, he is drawn towards an immense negative star, spreading black light over an increasing area of space. In an instant, he is sucked into this dark vortex and experiences a most enlightening …

Just at that very moment, out of nowhere, an awesome yet familiar voice grabs him: "Swhim, get real!" and pulls him back in time.

Dazed, Swhim reluctantly plays his quantum journey backwards, in order to pinpoint where he is and how to rejoin his body. The last thing he sees, as he rewinds reality, is a scribbled page. Finally, the eyelids are raised and his eyes make an observation of the gloomy objective reality. To his utmost amazement while he traversed the cosmic plains of space out there, time over here almost stood still. Certainly the page was all white and the pencil still sharp. Indeed, he wasn't even aware of the questions.

(Let's pause for a brief self-definition break…)

In the preceding Quantum event, a boy named Swhim applied two of his senses (measuring devices) to interact with the 'outside world'. Swhim's hearing interacted with his teacher, followed by Swhim's vision, which interacted with the great white page.
Our senses portray an objective reality. Or, do they?
In fact, the measuring devices we are equipped with, are designed to deliver five types of sensations, all with a very limited range. Indeed, it is the inherent nature of the measuring device itself that dictates the objective reality, which unfolds through our interactions. Absolute hearing would free up some resources at SETI but overwhelm us with cosmic chatter. While, perfect vision would reveal a subatomic zoo and eliminate our separate objects reality, causing us immense see-sickness.

Our objective reality is apparently an attribute of the restrictions and deficiencies incorporated into our measuring devices.
Or simply, reality is a figment of our own measurement.

Unsatisfied with such a predicament, the age-old quest to solve the riddle of what is really out there? and what are we really made of in here? fuels science, which in turn, maintains a symbiotic feedback relationship with technology. Indeed, technology allows us to forge ahead, beyond the inherent limitations of our own original (objective) measuring devices and into an increasingly subjective realm. However, the more we progress and perfect our measuring devices the less we can communicate our observations objectively (i.e. in human language). Finally, our objects defy measurement as we become one with the experiment. In fact, science, after years of intense exploration of the 'truth', has returned to us with the definitive Quantum oxymoron: the Uncertainty Principle (quite a long empirical journey to discover that all is uncertain in principle!). Hence, we have to admit that objectivity has fallen victim to the relentless pursuit of measurement and a transcendent realm has emerged.






Most of the time the I keeps to itself, in the blissful realm of connected Oneness. Sporadically, however, out of nowhere, in a defining moment of creativity, a bright -dea drops on the I -- a spontaneous What-if (Wi) crack in the What-is -- unzips the I, and reveals a Y.
The proliferation of the Wi pattern is instant -- a single what-if breeds strings of what-ifs in an expanding range of potentialities. It's like opening a can of wormholes in the what-is.

This spark of creativity -- a String-of-TE (thought-emotion), a Swhim (subjective-whim) pattern of the One -- emerges out of the playful, whimsical musing of what is a Zero to One, and forms a point of reflection, a viewpoint that in turn, manifests a multitude -- a world. Or simply,
in the beginning, before there was something,
One would imagine there was nothing.
In short, it is a process where 'nothing matters'.

When The One
   Has Some Fun
      Musing The None,

The Wi Naught
   Forms A Thought
      And Emotion Knot.

We could call it the All Y or perhaps, the Y'all, however, we'll refer to the theoretical recipient of all our Whys, as the (pronounced just as 'wise').
The setting for the Swhim pattern is a dream world where, through subjective internal self-reflection, an objective external Y-realm emerges.

Such are the Wi's cracks of the .



Never mind the Wi's cracks - spare me the details & just give me the bottom-line.

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